What do you charge?


You can afford this. It is something we can discuss before we meet. There is no reason that finances should even be a consideration in whether you get the help you desire from this work. I work with people where they are at.


Questions and answers, because you wonder...


You will find the answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions people have below. Feel free to call, text, or email if you have additional questions. I look forward to connecting with you soon. :) Angela



Are you offering Splankna?


New Creation Coaching, LLC is no longer offering Splankna as of 2/12/19. A statement will be issued to all current clients in March. Angela will still be offering prayer with individuals. However, the primary focus of sessions is shifting to empowering clients to deal with their emotions in process with the Lord, equipping them for discipleship and healing relationship with Jesus directly without the mediation of a set of tools. To this end, services to unbelievers are more limited to those who are already in process of seeking relationship with Jesus. Doubters and weak believers are welcome! 


Where are you located?


We are located on the north side of Indianapolis, Indiana in the Westfield / Carmel area. We do not maintain permanent physical office space at this time, but have flexibility in locations we work with. All that is required for this work is a little quite space and a place to sit, as well as a few materials. We can decide what location works best when we talk about scheduling.


Do you work with teens and kids?


Absolutely, this is one of the most exciting areas of this work because of the realization that life course could be enhanced in wonderful ways. They do require adult parent or guardian interaction be it permission and/or presence. Special paperwork will have to be filled out for anyone under legal age and/or who does not have capacity to legally enter a contract.